Waterene Services provide a wide range of water treatment services that include water management and control services, involving the management of hot and cold water systems, industrial boilers and steam generating systems, cooling towers, closed circuit heating and cooling water systems

Applying water treatment processes to systems can be extremely beneficial, reducing equipment down time and repair.


Most workplace and public buildings will have an associated water system and, whilst the potential for the growth of legionella bacteria is one of the main reasons why you may carry out some form of water treatment, there are many other benefits and reasons for doing so. Applying water treatment processes to systems can be extremely beneficial – saving time and money associated with equipment down time and repair.


Effective disinfection of water systems through chlorination.

Water systems require regular disinfection to eliminate potential health-threatening pathogenic organisms from both the water and associated pipework in order to prevent potential health risks to the water user.

We are fortunate enough to have an excellent mains water distribution system in the UK, but this can rapidly become contaminated if the domestic down services and cold-water storage tanks are poorly maintained. Chlorination is the addition of chlorine to the water supply at a predetermined strength to achieve effective disinfection.

We are experienced in the following:

  • Chlorination drinking water
  • Chlorination processes
  • Chlorination training
  • Chlorination legislation
  • Hospital chlorination
  • Water treatment chlorination
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