Our team are all highly trained professionals, scientists, consultants, engineers and water quality specialists, all experts in their field. Together they combine years of experience, working within different sectors and overcoming numerous challenges in the industry, that enables Waterene Services limited to offer such a specialist service. There is a goldmine of knowledge shared among our valued staff, enabling us to take the pressure off our clients who bear the responsibility of keeping their environment safe and compliant.

We work hard to understand our clients’ businesses and get under the skin of the organisations we work with. We ask smart and sometimes challenging questions to understand the problem our clients are trying to solve, and we bring ideas to the table that may not have been considered before.

We are happy to provide advice regarding:

  • Guidance on water treatment
  • Synthesizing complex organic compounds, identifying and isolating impurities, or developing analytical methods – we’re here for you.
  • Specification & implementation of water safety monitoring programmes
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