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Welcome to Wateren Service Limited

Wateren Service Limited is a distinguished general services and consulting firm that delivers comprehensive solutions across the energy, water, and environmental sectors. Our commitment to excellence is at the forefront of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on providing innovative and effective solutions to our esteemed clientele.

We understand the significance of collaboration and partnership in achieving our objectives. That’s why we work closely with local and international partners who share our vision and dedication to positively impacting the energy industry. Together, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional client results.

At Wateren Service Limited, our foundational principles revolve around environmental stewardship, technological innovation, and a steadfast dedication to driving meaningful change.


Our team are all highly trained professionals, scientists, consultants, engineers and water quality specialists, all experts in their field. Together they combine years of experience, working within different sectors and overcoming numerous challenges in the industry, that enables Wateren Services limited to offer such a specialist service.

We work hard to understand our clients’ businesses and get under the skin of the organisations we work with. We ask smart and sometimes challenging questions to understand the problem our clients are trying to solve, and we bring ideas to the table that may not have been considered before.

Chemical Supplies

Wateren Services supplies chemicals and disinfectants that are used in commercial cleaning, disinfection, environmental hygiene, industrial and process water treatment activities.

Our preferred supplier, the formulations cover a diverse range of uses, whether you are looking for oxidising biocides to attack micro-organisms or non-oxidising biocides for industrial use such as controlling Legionella species, TVC and algae to reverse osmosis chemicals designed to demineralise water and clear your membranes

Wateren Services provide a wide range of water treatment services that include water management and control services, involving the management of hot and cold water systems, industrial boilers and steam generating systems, cooling towers, closed circuit heating and cooling water systems

Our engineering team specialises in the installation, de-installation, planned maintenance, service, testing and commissioning regimes covering mechanical works


We offer design solutions, expert advice, from root cause analysis and option studies, through multi-disciplinary detailed design and plant optimisation. We achieve this using modelling, risk methodologies and asset management lifecycle tools for robust solutions. Clients can also benefit from our wide-ranging experience in communications and stakeholder management. 


Our global team of consultants, environmental specialists, engineers and scientists deliver innovative and cross-sector sustainable solutions that help our clients to create a safe and sustainable world.

Our way is collaborative, competent and customer focused.

Our way is all about great support, efficient organisation and an understanding that the job isn’t finished until it is done effectively. Once you have experienced our way, you will never go back.

Why Work With Us?

Years of experience, a key industry player with locations in UK, Africa
and highly trained specialists supporting your business sector.

Let us think for you...

Everyone loves a ‘lightbulb moment’ and at Wateren our aim is to come up with the ideas and the solutions so that our clients can focus on other areas in the knowledge that what we are doing is having a positive effect.


You’re in safe hands with us. Our innovative engineering and environmental management solutions are delivered through world-class teams of specialists who deliver expert advice, support and real performance improvements to clients.

Whether your issues involve process water, improving the management of industrial wastewater and effluent, poor indoor air quality, or you may be seeking to become more energy efficient, save water and build sustainable environmental performance then we have the experience and expertise to help.


Environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important to the way we interact with the world around us. Our future expectations around issues of social responsibility, economic and environmental performance are changing and are now no longer seen by many as being mutually exclusive.

For those environmentally responsible organisations this presents significant challenges and this is where the holistic approach taken by our water, environmental and energy efficiency experts can help deliver real process, energy and environmental improvements to your operations

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