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Water Safety

Plans &

Written Schemes

The Water Safety Plan or Written Scheme identifies roles & responsibilities for all tasks to control infections from the water systems.

This plan has to be site specific and include details of:

How the systems work and their control parameters How to use and carry out those measures How control is to be monitored, maintained and reviewed Water treatment regimes and the correct operation of the water system The communication chain/pathway on site How defects or issues are escalated to the appropriate personnel An incident plan that covers numerous situations (e.g. major plant failure, chemical failure, elevated legionella counts, outbreaks, flooding) Review processes


Our risk assessments can include highly detailed schematics that show all parts of the systems, including isolation valves, strainers etc.

These schematics can be CAD format or basic line drawings.

We can review and edit the As-Fitted/Built Drawings for water systems or create new ones if required.


Wateren Ltd Provides:

Appointed Responsible and Competent Persons Training Legionella Awareness Training Pseudomonas Awareness Training Monitoring & Maintenance Task Training Backflow Training Cross Contamination Training On Site Training Services Online Training Services

Tender Writing Services

Wateren Ltd Can:

Create Water Hygiene Tenders for procurement Review tender bids for companies Help improve the overall quality of their bid Provide advice on Water Hygiene tasks that includes specifications, prices and time scales Advise on potential areas of concern or where money can be saved

Policy Writing

Water Hygiene Policies have to be created and implemented to demonstrate a company’s commitment to protecting water quality and ensuring adequate resources are made available.

These policies should detail all personnel involved in the water systems.

Water System Designs

Review and Advice on:

Architectural Drawings Design Specification CAD Drawings Cold Water Tank Layout and Design Hot Water System Design Hot & Cold Water Pipework Design Hot & Cold Water Systems Commissioning practices Cooling System Layout and Design Heating System Design Heating & Cooling Systems Commissioning practices Backflow Protection Cross Contamination


We can provide Complete System Review by:

Identify Risks created by incorrect

Design Installation Maintenance Management Control

Advise how to Rectify these issues

Practicably Reliably Efficiently Effectively

Audit the controls

Implementation Monitoring Rectifications Signing off

Risk Assessments

All of our Risk Assessments are:

Independent Site Specific Detailed User Friendly High Quality Standard

We can carry out Risk Assessments on all types of water systems such as:

Hot & Cold Water Systems Water Systems within Healthcare Premises Cooling Towers Evaporative Condensers Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants Vehicle Washers Process Systems

Our Objective

Improve Water Quality Save Our Clients Money & Energy Minimise Client Risk Provide Total Solution Lead Our Clients To Total Compliance


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